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DUO for a JOB is an association that matches young job seekers with an immigrant background with people over 50 who use their professional experience to accompany and support them in their job search.

As soon as the duo has been matched, the young mentee and his/her mentor meet for a minimum of two hours a week over a period of six months.

DUO for a JOB provides services to young job seekers and future mentors in many cities in Belgium


supportive and enthusiastic mentors

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duos launched since 2013

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7 out of 10 young people find a job, an internship or training


9 out of 10 mentors repeat the experience

A few testimonies…

quote We regularly talk about our mentors, our mentees, our duos… But in the shadows, discreet and attentive, are also… our coordinators! quote

Jorge & Walter

quote This experience led to several job interviews. I met some wonderful people who invested so much in order to help us find work. quote

Arlette, Brussels, 27 years old

quote It’s exactly the mentor I wanted! quote

Lizhen, Brussels, 29 years old

quote Excellent experience with a lot of motivating exchanges. quote

Nazir, Brussels, 26 years old

quote DUO is a means of doubling one’s capacity. quote

Chris, Brussels, 31 years old

quote I am motivated to have a coordinator as Anaïs and a mentor as Sabine who do everything for my project. I have a joie de vivre in a friendly and pleasant environment with all their kindness. quote

Marie-Ange, Brussels, 24 years old

quote I hadn’t met a single person like him in Belgium. We’ve really built a relationship of trust. And needless to say, I will continue to meet with him once I actually start working.” says Khalid, once again hopeful. Jean-Louis concludes, visibly touched, that he has “already received so much in return from his mentee. quote

Jean-Louis & Khalid, Liege

quote From the very start, I knew she was cut out to launch her own business.” explains Pascale. Meanwhile Afaf has launched her own sewing workshop! Afaf replies, “I know it’s not DUO’s main aim, but Pascale gave me incredible moral support. quote

Pascale & Afaf, Brussels

quote DUO is an experience that goes beyond just helping someone find work.” discovered Joëlle. “We joined forces to identify Samsam’s talents and to find out what she wanted to do with her life. Samsam adds, ” It’s thanks to people like Joëlle that I am starting to feel at home in Belgium. quote

Joëlle & Samsam, Antwerp

quote I love DUO. A team that is both professional and honest. I love the attitude and energy. It can simply make life better! quote

Yasser, Brussels, 25 years old

quote It may just be a tiny little drop in the ocean, but I feel like mentoring my four duos has left its mark. ” says Joëlle. ” Three of the four mentees I helped have found a job. We are still in touch. It’s really satisfying as a mentor to know that you can make a difference. quote

Joëlle & Jean-Hubert, Brussels

quote DUO is just the programme I needed. It enabled me to go further in my search efforts towards employment. I gained experience. I regret that I did not hear about this programme much sooner but I am very proud of all I have learned from it quote

Francine, Brussels, 30 years old

quote I have learned so much. Thanks to DUO, I have regained confidence in myself. I had run out of ideas. I was lost and now I have found myself quote

Ali, Brussels, 22 years old