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  • New Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    The Benjamin Ferré and DUO for a JOB partnership

    The young skipper Benjamin Ferré is offering us incredible free visibility with his IMOCA Monnoyeur-DUO for a JOB.

    He will be wearing the DUO for a JOB colours during the Vendée Globe 2024, the world’s largest single-handed, non-stop, unassisted round-the-world sailing race. Offering DUO for a JOB this incredible visibility gives Benjamin an extra motivation, a reason for being that goes beyond the sporting exploit.

    He will be sailing alone but he is not alone in preparing for this adventure as he is coached by Jean Le Cam, a sailing legend. An inter-generational duo who share the same passion and values of DUO.

    We are happy to share the news of the Monnoyeur-DUO for a JOB boat with you and we can’t wait for Benjamin to take us with him to the end of the world!

    “The new generations also teach the old ones and I think it’s more about sharing than passing on”

    Jean Le Cam

    “Using the lessons of the past to create your own trajectory is an incredible richness”

    Benjamin Ferré

    The origin of the project

    Thanks to a common partner who was able to create the spark, Benjamin and DUO for a JOB met for the first time in early 2022.

    One might think that a social project like DUO’s would be at odds with the world of sailing… And yet! A young sportsman and his experienced mentor, it obviously resonates with the association’s mentoring programme. The meeting between Benjamin and DUO for a JOB was therefore an obvious choice as the values of intergenerational sharing and exchange are at the heart of both projects: “using the lessons of the past to create your own trajectory is an incredible richness“ explains Benjamin.

    In the end, our partnership made sense and Benjamin intends to take us with him around the globe.

    They talk about it:

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    Thanks to the partners who are making this adventure possible

    Le Groupe CAA, Monnoyeur, HUNTEO, AZALEO, SKEMA Business School, 17Capital, Epic Foundation, IMOCA