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    Read the stories of our mentees and mentors

    “We regularly talk about our mentors, our mentees, our duos… But in the shadows, discreet and attentive, are also… our coordinators! “

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    Jorge & Walter

    “Zakia was a doctor in Algeria, but her request for a diploma equivalence was refused 🙁 She lived a hundred disappointments, even considered going back to Algeria… but she hung in there, thanks to the support of her great mentor Colette! Colette: “This duo with Zakia is a delight, it’s very special”. Zakia: “I really found a lot of support and listening with Colette””

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    Zakia & Colette

    “Roger and Paulo took advantage of one of their many walks to immortalize the complicity that unites them today. 💬 “Roger gave me a lot of confidence and peace of mind… crucial elements that can’t be learned from books. Having someone so experienced and knowledgeable has helped me keep my mind clear and invested in the important things.””

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    Roger & Paulo

    “Diane had no experience in sales, but she really wanted to work for a fashion brand or sign. She needed a good push to get her ideas in order and most importantly to stay motivated! Thanks to her duo with Patricia, a super organized and determined mentor (of whom Diane was the first mentee :O ), their efforts paid off: Diane found a contract at Pull & Bear!”

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    Diane & Patricia

    “”It was a real pleasure to meet with Assuele each time as she actively worked to make our duo successful” “

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    Assuele & Geneviève

    “Jacques, in duo with his mentor… Jacques (!), finally signed a permanent contract in a butcher shop: it was his dream! Jacques and Jacques spent a lot of time defining his project. His mentor helped him find his way and the training that would allow him to start his professional life! After starting his training, he completed internships through the DUO network and finally signed his permanent contract this month.”

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    Jacques & Jacques

    “”The news is good because Jamal is an exceptional guy!” Bernard, Jamal’s mentor, is in awe… and so are we! Jamal got a contract at the local Mission of Molenbeek as a polyvalent worker. He will work for the renovation of social housing and he is delighted! He will continue to learn French in parallel to improve his level and will continue to see Bernard every week 🙌”

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    Bernard & Jamal

    “”No one has ever said anything positive about me.” When Ezat walked through DUO’s door, his confidence was low and his past work experience was discouraging… He felt lost, but more importantly, didn’t see his strengths and qualities in the job market! This changed after meeting his mentor Corinne. The contact between the two of them came naturally and Corinne really appreciated the efficiency with which they worked together and was impressed by her mentee: “I am very confident that Ezat can succeed, he has all the keys in hand to make it happen!””

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    Ezat & Corinne

    “She joined DUO last July and was matched with her mentor Cécile. They talked a lot, went together to see job counsellors, looked at the different existing training courses… until Asmae found the one that really fit her! After a little stress because the training was full, Asmae finally managed to register… And passed the tests! She will start her Family Assistant training on October 1st.”

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    Asmae & Cécile

    “Mariama was in a complicated situation when she met her mentor Joëlle. Joëlle not only guided her in her professional project and her search for training, but also provided great moral support. At DUO, we will remember Mariana’s last words to us: “As I write this I can’t describe to you how I feel it’s like I’m going abroad and leaving my family.””

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    Mariama & Joelle

    “”Laure is a lovely person. She is very patient, and incredibly friendly. I consider her a friend, and I think we will stay in touch for a long time. At the first meeting, I was a bit anxious but when we started talking, I felt comfortable and found common ground” recalls Daniela. Laure nods and adds: “I immediately felt that we could communicate. I feel that we have the same sensitivity. The more time passes, the more I feel comfortable in this role, and I see what I can bring.””

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    Daniela & Laura, Paris

    “The 48 rue de Stassart was a turning point in my life” says Soufiane… and that makes us feel good! Because 48 rue de Stassart is the address of our office in Brussels, and it is where he met his mentor Michel…”

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    Soufiane & Michel

    “Born in Armenia, Alla has been living in Belgium for 10 years with her husband and daughter. In her country of origin, she had a degree in design which is unfortunately not recognized in Belgium. After working in the social sector, she wanted to go back to her first passions… And this is what she was able to do thanks to her duo with Chris!”

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    Alla & Chris

    “Marielle has an atypical background: Chile, West Africa, Asia, we can say that this mentor is on the move! Back in Belgium, she coaches future entrepreneurs and is also committed to fighting inequality and discrimination.”

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    Marielle, Brussels, 52 years old

    “Yannick is surely a mentor who has been around! Although he has a very large experience in tourism, he helps mentees with very diverse profiles”

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    Yannick, Brussels, 57 years old

    “Counsellor at the Court of Appeal of Brussels, Deputy Public Prosecutor in Nivelles, we can say that Philippe’s domain is rather on the side of justice and law!”

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    Philippe, Brussels, 69 years old

    “Dynamic, active and straightforward: Petroula is an engineer and technical expert in the environment! But this mentor is also a mother and very open-minded.”

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    Petroula, Brussels, 54 years old

    “Teresa is an active mentor! Originally from Portugal, she has also lived in Paris, Rome, Switzerland… And finally in Brussels!”

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    Teresa, Brussels, 68 years old

    “To be mentor at DUO is a unique journey: rich and also challenging. It keeps you intellectually sharp, curious and emotionally alive.”

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    Michel, Brussels, 58 years old

    “This experience has been an opportunity to make enriching encounters. By just giving a little time and sharing one’s experience, one receives so much in return: kindness, trust, friendship, the joy of seeing a young person regain confidence and find his/her way”

    Marie-Claire, Brussels, 61 years old

    “Open-mindedness, the satisfaction of being useful, and the pleasure of sharing certain experiences.”

    Baudouin, Brussels, 67 years old

    “Finding a job is the key to the door of successful integration.”

    Bernard, Brussels, 68 years old

    “This experience led to several job interviews. I met some wonderful people who invested so much in order to help us find work.”

    Arlette, Brussels, 27 years old

    “It’s exactly the mentor I wanted!”

    Lizhen, Brussels, 29 years old

    “Excellent experience with a lot of motivating exchanges.”

    Nazir, Brussels, 26 years old

    “An enriching experience which creates bridges between cultures and generations, it is a win-win situation!”

    Eva, Brussels, 55 years old

    “DUO is a means of doubling one’s capacity.”

    Chris, Brussels, 31 years old

    “I am motivated to have a coordinator as Anaïs and a mentor as Sabine who do everything for my project. I have a joie de vivre in a friendly and pleasant environment with all their kindness.”

    Marie-Ange, Brussels, 24 years old

    “I hadn’t met a single person like him in Belgium. We’ve really built a relationship of trust. And needless to say, I will continue to meet with him once I actually start working.” says Khalid, once again hopeful. Jean-Louis concludes, visibly touched, that he has “already received so much in return from his mentee.”

    Jean-Louis & Khalid, Liege

    “From the very start, I knew she was cut out to launch her own business.” explains Pascale. Meanwhile Afaf has launched her own sewing workshop! Afaf replies, “I know it’s not DUO’s main aim, but Pascale gave me incredible moral support.”

    Pascale & Afaf, Brussels

    “I find this project both promising and positive. I wanted to share my experience with others; that’s what I’m doing now with my mentee.”

    Luc, Brussels, 65 years old

    “DUO is an experience that goes beyond just helping someone find work.” discovered Joëlle. “We joined forces to identify Samsam’s talents and to find out what she wanted to do with her life. Samsam adds, ” It’s thanks to people like Joëlle that I am starting to feel at home in Belgium.”

    Joëlle & Samsam, Antwerp

    “I love DUO. A team that is both professional and honest. I love the attitude and energy. It can simply make life better!”

    Yasser, Brussels, 25 years old

    “It is so well thought out and organised that I wouldn’t stop anymore!”

    Chantal, Brussels, 67 years old

    “It may just be a tiny little drop in the ocean, but I feel like mentoring my four duos has left its mark. ” says Joëlle. ” Three of the four mentees I helped have found a job. We are still in touch. It’s really satisfying as a mentor to know that you can make a difference.”

    Joëlle & Jean-Hubert, Brussels

    “With DUO for a JOB, I had the chance to pass on the best of a whole lifetime and was then surprised to realise that I was actually receiving much more in return, from both the association and my mentee”

    Jacques, Brussels, 70 years old

    “DUO is just the programme I needed. It enabled me to go further in my search efforts towards employment. I gained experience. I regret that I did not hear about this programme much sooner but I am very proud of all I have learned from it”

    Francine, Brussels, 30 years old

    “Both exciting and rewarding, each DUO broadens the humanity’s horizons”

    Françoise, Brussels, 62 years old

    “I have learned so much. Thanks to DUO, I have regained confidence in myself. I had run out of ideas. I was lost and now I have found myself”

    Ali, Brussels, 22 years old