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  • New Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    To find a job, you sometimes need a helping hand, especially when you’re young and not familiar with labour market laws. Having a mentor allows you to take stock of your background, your desires, and to respond to job offers more effectively … and it works!


    At DUO for a JOB, a mentor is a volunteer who

    👉 has experience in your professional field,
    👉 who has been coached by the association,
    👉  and who accompanies you free of charge for a maximum period of 6 months.

    Every week, he or she advises you, answers your questions about your career path, your skills to be developed, while giving you the benefit of his or her experience.

    This is a good way to project yourself objectively, to boost your ambition and self-confidence, and to expand your network.


    Whatever your background, skills or career plans, DUO for a JOB will find the right mentor for you and help you land your dream job 🚀

    One year after the start of their duo, half of the young people have found a sustainable job (permanent or fixed-term contract of at least 3 months). If we add to this the young people who are heading for training or a professional internship, more than 70% of the participants find their way!


    During the program, your mentor can help you develop or improve:


    Your professional project


    Your self-confidence


    Your CV and motivation letters


    Your professional network


    The way you handle job interviews


    Your language skills

    A word from our mentees!

    We regularly talk about our mentors, our mentees, our duos… But in the shadows, discreet and attentive, are also… our coordinators!

    Jorge & Walter

    This experience led to several job interviews. I met some wonderful people who invested so much in order to help us find work.

    Arlette, Brussels, 27 years old

    It’s exactly the mentor I wanted!

    Lizhen, Brussels, 29 years old

    Excellent experience with a lot of motivating exchanges.

    Nazir, Brussels, 26 years old

    To participate, you have to:


    Be between 18 and 33 years old


    Have a parent or grandparent born outside the European Union


    Have a valid residence permit in Belgium (no orange cards nor student visas)

    Our impact on young people

    But beyond the employment results, mentoring also allows these young people to develop many skills that will serve them throughout their lives. After 6 months as a duo, it is estimated that:


    of young people feel more independent/autonomous in their job search.


    of young people who were previously lost in the job market were able to define a career plan with their mentor.


    of young people were able to expand their professional and/or social network.

    How does it work in practice?

    The key to the success of DUO for a JOB’s mentoring program is a solid methodology built around several stages:

    Information session

    Digital or face-to-face, in the city of your choice, this is an opportunity to present the project to you and answer your questions.

    Individual interview

    You meet one of our coordinators to talk about yourself: your background, your experience, your expectations, and so on. This information will help us find the right mentor for you!


    The coordinators match up new pairs on the basis of a number of criteria: sector of activity, languages spoken, personality, interests, availability, etc.

    First meeting

    For one hour, you meet your potential future mentor and you get to know each other… an important step in validating (or not) the future duo!

    Signing of the Agreement

    Your mentor, your coordinator and yourself sign the agreement that officially marks the start of your mentoring period.

    Period of mentoring

    For 6 months (maximum), your pair will move forward at their own pace to achieve the goals you have set yourselves: getting a permanent contract, finding a training course, passing your driving test, improving your French or Dutch…

    Frequently asked questions

    My parents were born in Morocco but I was born in Belgium, am I eligible? icon

    Our mentoring programme is not just for young refugees. It is aimed at young people of foreign origin, i.e. all young people with a foreign nationality (outside the European Union), but also all young Belgians who have a parent or grandparent born abroad (outside the EU).

    Why is this? It has been statistically proven that having a foreign background is a hindrance on the job market.

    Our action is therefore aimed at restoring equal opportunities for all.


    Does it really work? icon

    Having a mentor by your side really increases your chances on the job market. 7 out of 10 young people find a job, an internship or a training course thanks to their duo!

    How long does it take to find a mentor? icon

    After attending an information session, you will meet with a coordinator from Duo for a Job who will take the time to assess your background, your expectations and your personality. Following this interview, you will be matched by Duo for a Job with the mentor who best suits you! Depending on your availability, you will meet your mentor for the first time and if you want to continue the adventure together, you will start your duo!

    These steps usually take between 15 days and 1 month.

    I have a master’s degree, so I guess I don’t have the profile of the young people supported by your association? icon

    Think again! 25% of the young people we mentor have a higher education degree. In the job search, a degree is not everything. Your mentor can help you to better understand the codes of the sector, share his or her experience with you, help you build a network, etc.

    I want to work but I don’t have a business plan, can a mentor really help me? icon

    Of course! Each duo starts with an inventory to be made together: who you are, what you like to do, what your skills are, what your priorities are, etc. All this information will allow you to better define the path you want to take.

    Do I need to have a degree or professional experience to take part? icon

    No, you don’t need to have any qualifications or professional experience before starting your duo.



    📷 @duoforajob