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  • New Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    Mentoring, a tool for inclusion

    In 10 years, DUO for a JOB’s experience and impact studies have proven that mentoring provides a human and effective response to some of society’s urgent challenges, and is perfectly aligned with the current political priorities of Belgian governments: increasing the employment rate, particularly for citizens of non-EU origin, NEETS and long-term unemployed; improve the management of the end-of-career situation for elderly workers; creation of social links to guarantee social cohesion.

    ”Given the impact and cost-effectiveness of mentoring, we should be offering this individualised support to every jobseeker who needs it, to really work towards restoring equal opportunities in Belgium,” says Julie Bodson, director of the association. “In order to make that happen, Belgium needs a legislative and financial framework to develop and anchor mentoring in a structural way in the various regions.” This is the main recommendation made by the association in its memorandum sent today to the political parties ahead of the 2024 regional and federal elections.

    Here are some key figures after 10 years in activity, with a community of nearly 2,000 active mentors and 6,000 pairs trained :

    ⭐ 7 out of 10 young people have signed a contract, internship or training course, and most of them were NEETs or long-term unemployed.

    ⭐ 9 out of 10 mentors say they feel useful as active members of society.

    🚀 And how many stereotypes have been deconstructed?

    On Thursday 14 September, almost 400 mentors, mentees and partners
    joined to celebrate our 10th anniversary👇