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  • New Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    2023 | Chidi brings colour to the picture

    But when recruiting, he often does not come into the picture.

    That is why DUO works for a JOB to give him and other young people with migration roots a chance in the job market.


    September 2022 | You tick all the boxes

    Is your most important professional experience very little? When you say your name, are you afraid someone will say no? Your professional network doesn’t extend beyond the neighbourhood? For once, you’ve ticked all the boxes.

    Based on the many testimonies of young people supported by the association, this campaign highlights the difficulties they encounter, so that we can better propose a solution.



    July 2022 | Give Ukrainians time (but don’t waste it)

    Since March 2022, thousands of people have had to take the road to exile. At DUO, we’re convinced that meeting people and sharing experiences are boosts to inclusion. At DUO, we are ready to work hand in hand with associations, the public service and businesses to guide young Ukrainians into the job market.



    2021 | Mentoring: a tool for social revival ?

    Inactive, slow, closed, resistant to change, backward-looking and always ready to complain… The prejudices about people over 50 are in stark contrast to their state of mind. Older people want to participate in social life, want to share their experience and miss the recognition they received during their professional career. Another group, young people with an immigrant background, are eager to participate in professional life, but are held back. Are prejudices preventing us from collectively benefiting from each other’s talents?