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  • New Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    In almost 10 years, DUO for a JOB has enabled more than 5,000 young jobseekers from a migrant background to benefit from free, personalised support from a mentor in their job search. The aim? To combat the inequalities and difficulties these young people face in accessing the job market, and to boost their chances of securing a contract, work placement or training.

    To reach as many young people as possible and offer them this service, DUO for a JOB has launched a campaign based on the many testimonies of young people supported by the association. It highlights and acknowledges the difficulties they face and how they feel, and offers them a solution. The slogans: “Your greatest professional experience is a very small one? “When you say your name, are you afraid someone will say no?”, “Your professional network doesn’t go beyond the neighbourhood?” “For once, you tick all the boxes.

    “We want the young people who see these messages to understand that we are listening to them, that we are aware of the difficulties they are facing, but also and above all that we have something to offer them and that they have everything to gain by being accompanied by one of our mentors”.

    Axelle Le Brettevillois, Communications Director.

    1 young person, 1 mentor

    To counter the discrimination, lack of network and lack of experience mentioned in the campaign, DUO for a JOB matches each young person who signs up with the right mentor, whatever their background, skills or career plans. Mentoring creates a long-term relationship in which the mentor shares his or her experience to support the young person in the process. “It enables young people who no longer dare to dream to broaden their horizons, define projects that match their skills and boost their self-confidence,” concludes Axelle Le Brettevillois.