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  • Our DNA, Making a difference!

    A duo for a job

    Whether measured by the scope of its action, by building a complementary team, or by revealing itself through warm professionalism, “making a difference,” as expressed by DUO for a JOB, is primarily within its very heart.

    Our mission


    Our vision


    Our Charter


    Our mission

    Through its mentoring program, DUO for a JOB encourages an exchange of experience between generations and cultures thus facilitating the future employment of young people while recognising the value of our elders’ experience .

    Our vision

    DUO for a JOB aims at erasing disparities and inequality in access to the labour market for young people with immigrant backgrounds. DUO fully values the experience of our elders, breaks down age barriers, encourages inter-cultural and inter-generational activities. DUO combats stereotypes such as ageism and xenophobia, by recreating close social ties based on understanding and solidarity.

    Notre charte

    The DUO team, where diversity takes root

    Whether it is a matter of language, training, origin, culinary tastes, ambitions or dreams, the DUO Team is a reflection of its values. Each in their own way, our staff accompanies their duos on a road to success.

    Cofounders & Managing directors

    Frédéric Simonart

    Managing Director

    Matthieu Le Grelle

    Managing Director

    Brussels Team

    Elodie Richard

    Director - Brussels

    Charlotte Baise

    Deputy Director - Brussels

    Gilbert Carlson

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Manoelle Van Overstraeten

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Sara Boughanem

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Liesbet Vastenavondt

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Helene Arapoglou

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Christa Ndikumana

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Marine Cellier

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Guillaume Petre

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Anais Rodriguez

    Mentoring Program Officer Brussels

    Justine Rolland

    Communication & Marketing Officer

    Sally Othman

    Operations Assistant

    Yvette Ininahazwe

    Administrative Assistant Intern

    Antwerpen Team

    Prabhu Rajagopal

    Director - Antwerpen

    Carlos Rovzar

    Deputy Director - Antwerpen

    Charlotte Hermans

    Mentoring Program Officer Antwerpen

    Zoë De Permentier

    Mentoring Program Officer Antwerpen

    Swatee Veerigadu

    Mentoring Program Officer Antwerpen

    Mieke Bervoets

    Mentoring Program Officer Antwerpen

    Shanydhra Rotsgalm

    Administrative Assistant Intern

    Liège Team

    Céline Naveau

    Director - Liège

    Audrey Magis

    Mentoring Program Officer Liège

    Giulia Dagonnier

    Mentoring Program Officer Liège

    Magali Huynh-Dinh

    Mentoring Program Officer Liège

    Ghent Team

    Marion Cahen

    Director - Gent

    Sophie Forrez

    Mentoring Program Officer Gent

    Sara Memmi

    Mentoring Program Officer Gent


    Julie Bodson

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Communication, Fundraising & Mkt Team

    Axelle Le Brettevillois

    Communication, Marketing & Fundraising Manager

    Hélène Durant

    Communication Officer

    Alicia Eyongo

    Communication Officer & Graphic Designer

    Jérémy Goffin

    Grant Manager

    Logistics & IT

    Ishkhan Sharoian

    Logistician - IT

    Jean-Bernard Dony

    Assistant Admin LOG/IT

    HR & Finance

    Arnaud Meyer

    Finance, HR and Administration Coordinator

    Our sources of funding, where your donations go

    Until 2017, our funds came mainly from foundations and private donations. In 2018, the first source of funding remained foundations however, the share of public funding has been steadily increasing since the project's inception to reach one-third of the budget in 2018. Private donors (mainly through large donations) still represent a significant proportion of our financial contributions. The rest is covered by the partnerships set up with companies. Because the association’s mission addresses questions of integration, social cohesion as well as equal opportunities, the financial independence of DUO for a JOB is crucial to both its sustainability and its advocacy powers. It is with this in mind that the association seeks continually to diversify its sources of income and why it is committed to complete openness and transparency with regard to the use of funding received as well as the efficiency of its activities.