More and more organizations will need new types of professional and technological skills to innovate. With a small group of IT and Training experts, we are exploring “new ways to learn”. In these new ways, two directions seems very good to not only add business value but also add social value: the Mentoring and the Coached Internship.

About Mentoring, an ASBL Duo for a Job is doing a great job in the Brussels area by innovating on the training and recruitment market with a social added-value.

To explain in a few words the model, “Duo for a Job” is organizing a research and a selection of young mentees (students or/and job searchers) and of senior mentors. A matching process is then performed to build “Duos” with a mentor and his mentee based on their profiles including the professional sector. A training and a coaching of the mentors are also organized so that they are closely supported in their mentor role. The goal of a “Duo” is to work as a team finding the good job, or the good internship job or the good formation path matching the real need and the personality of the mentee.

There is a lot more to write on this model but a key part of the added value is delivered by the establishment of a deep relation “mentor-mentee”. A “Duo” will have (1/2 day) weekly contacts during a period of 6 months. You will find more information on the web site of Duo for a Job and personally I’m impressed by the results so far and by the professionalism of this ASBL.

I have personally decided to collaborate as mentor and to apply practically the inter-generational coaching model to help young people searching for a job or a formation path in the IT domain. I look forward to see, “by making”, how these duos are establishing people to people deep relations. (as deep, maybe, as theJedi Knight – Padawan relation of the Star Wars saga to fight against the dark empire of unenployement ? )

And this is a key point, a successful relation is going in both ways: the mentor helping the mentee for his career and formation and also the mentee helping the mentor for his networking with young people and for a sense of legacy at the end of his own career.

If you are interested by this model and by exploring the “mentor’s way”, you will be quite welcome to follow the path for new mentor at the “Duo for a Job” ASBL

About the author of this post

Alain Vereecke is an IT freelance Project Manager and Business Analyst with a long experience in companies located in the Brussels area. He is also co-founder of the “Digital Divide Healers“ , “networking group” and “social project” in the area of IT training and recruitment.