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  • Testimonies

    Read the stories of our mentees and mentors

    "I find this project both promising and positive. I wanted to share my experience with others; today this is the case with my mentee"

    Luc - Mentor - 65 years old

    "I love DUO ; A team that is both professional and honest. I love the spirit and energy that reigns there. It can simply make life better!"

    Yasser - Syrian - 25 years old

    "It is so well thought out and organised that I wouldn’t stop anymore!"

    Chantal - Mentor - 67 years old

    "With DUO for a JOB, I had the chance to pass on the best of a whole lifetime and was then surprised to realise that I was actually receiving much more in return, from both the association and my mentee"

    Jacques - Mentor - 70 years old

    "DUO is just the programme I needed. It enabled me to go further in my search efforts towards employment. I gained experience. I regret that I did not hear about this programme much sooner but I am very proud of all I have learned from it"

    Francine - Congolese - 30 years old

    "Both exciting and rewarding, each DUO broadens the humanity’s horizons"

    Françoise - Mentor - 62 years old

    "I have learned so much. Thanks to DUO, I have regained confidence in myself. I had run out of ideas. I was lost and now I have found myself"

    Ali - Pakistani - 22 years old