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    Filet Divers

    Filet Divers is a sponsored and recognized association by Bond Zonder Naam ( Association without a Name ), where poor people do express themselves. Filet Divers is also a binding and boosting center of chances and a social grocer.

    Ateliers Jean Del’cour

    Ateliers Jean Del’Cour is a non-profit association (ASBL) and Social Enterprise (ETA). The company has gone through many changes over the years, becoming a sustainable, reliable enterprise that pursues both social and economic objectives.


    Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen supports asylum seekers and refugees. We don't do this alone as we have thirty members and a great many enthusiastic volunteers. Together we intensify the pressure on policy and increase awareness among the general public. We also coordinate our own reception network and are actively involved in integration. We support all those that assist asylum seekers and refugees. And we work around repatriation when necessary.


    The YouthStart course is a unique combination of hands-on training and motivational coaching. Participants discover their talents, increase their self-confidence, improve their attitudes and accumulate a large dose of corporate knowledge.


    The 100% bilingual (NL/FR) non-profit organization TADA provides supplementary, voluntary, motivational and society-oriented education to children aged 10 to 14, who come from the most socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Brussels.

    Infirmiers de rue

    Since 2005 the non-profit organization Infirmiers de rue (IDR – Street Nurses) has made it its mission to act as an intermediary to restore ties between people living in great uncertainty, their environment and the health services.