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  • Testimonies

    A few testimonies from our mentors...

    "I find this project both promising and positive. I wanted to share my experience with others; today this is the case with my mentee."

    Luc - Mentor - 63 years old

    "It is all so well organized, it will never end!"

    Chantal - Mentor - 67 years old

    "Exciting and rewarding, each duo widens the horizon of humanity."

    Françoise - Mentor - 62 years old

    "Finding a job is the key to the door of successful integration"

    Bernard - Mentor - 68 years old

    "Open-mindedness, the satisfaction of being useful, and the pleasure of sharing certain experiences."

    Baudouin - Mentor - 67 years old

    "This experience has been an opportunity to make enriching encounters. By just giving a little time and sharing one’s experience, one receives so much in return: kindness, trust, friendship, the joy of seeing a young person regain confidence and find his/her way"

    Marie-Claire - Mentor - 61 years old

    "Helping a young person who is having difficulty finding a job gives valorises my own experience. I have been able to share both my knowledge and my view of the labour market. "

    Luc - Mentor - 63 years old

    "An enriching experience which creates bridges between cultures and generations, it is a win-win situation!"

    Eva - Mentor - 55 years old