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    Choose the legacy that suits you

    Giving all or part of your estate for a good cause is a generous act. Through such a donation, you can help DUO for a JOB, make our action possible and thus act for ever more intergenerational links, social cohesion and equal opportunities.

    A legacy in a duo, a legacy for DUO

    You have no direct heir? Opting for a duo legacy may be a solution that benefits your nephews, nieces, or relatives since it allows you to give them a larger share of inheritance because it will be less taxed.

    Indeed, the legislator has provided that by designating an association such as DUO for a JOB as legatee of the will, it becomes DUO for a JOB’s responsibility to transfer a portion to any other recipient you designate. DUO for a JOB assumes responsibility for and pays any inheritance taxes due, plus any debts or charges. The other legatees receive a net amount that may exceed the amount that would have been due via a classic legacy.

    The greater the difference between rates applied to the legatees by particular title and the non-profit association or Foundation, the more the formula is advantageous financially to nephews, nieces, etc.

    We will send in confidence a simulation of taxation which would be effective in your particular case. Please do not hesitate to contact John for more information.

    A donation in our favor

    It is possible that your notary advised you to opt for a donation. There are indeed two types:

    • The gift: no tax has to be paid for this type of donation. It is a direct and informal a transmission, given by the donor to the recipient, in this case, DUO for a JOB. This type of donation is possible for cash, jewelry, furniture, etc.
    • The donation by notarial act: the donation of real estate can be done by notarial deed. In this case, rights of donations of 7% shall be paid by DUO for a JOB in Wallonia and in Brussels and 5.5% in Flanders.

    Would you like to talk about it? Do not hesitate to contact us.

    Your legacy good for each other

    Include a charity in your will.

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