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    Why donate to DUO for a JOB ?

    Your donation allows DUO FOR A JOB to:

    • reduce inequalities in access to the labour market
    • valorise the experience and knowledge of our elders
    • re-establish social bonds and a sense of community
    • break down prejudices and promote “living alongside each other”

    Thank you for helping us !

    Our action

    DUO for a JOB matches young job seekers with an immigrant background with people over 50 years old who have professional experience in similar fields and who can accompany and support them in their job search.

    The young person (mentee) and his/her mentor meet for a minimum of two hours a week over a period of six months.

    DUO for a JOB provides services to young job seekers and future mentors in Brussels, Liège, Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen.


    supportive and enthusiastic mentors

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    duos launched in Belgium since 2013

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    3 out of 4 young people find a job, an internship or a training

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    9 out of 10 mentors repeat the experience

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    Payment by bank transfer

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    Tax deductibility


    You will receive a fiscal receipt* for your donation if the total amount of donations in one year is at least 40€. You will receive this receipt automatically in the year following your donation.

    *except donations through Paypal

    For example: if you donate €40 to DUO for a JOB, you receive €18 in tax reduction and your donation only costs €22.

    Protection of your personal data

    We collect your data in order to provide the fiscal receipt (*except payment through PayPal). This data is not shared with third parties. Read more on our privacy policy https://www.duoforajob.be/nl/privacy-en-algemene-voorwaarden/

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