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  • The annual report 2018 is here!

    DUO for a JOB, 14 June 2019

    What a year! For everyone in Belgium, 2018 was a year of great sports achievements and nation-wide celebrations, environmental and social awareness, diverse concerns and numerous joys.

    For DUO for a JOB, this year marked the opening of our fourth branch in Ghent. We also reached the milestone of 1,500 duos, with 54% of our mentees finding work and 19% completing a placement or skills training. And in October we celebrated our fifth anniversary… What better time to thank everyone who has helped us since the foundation of the association in 2013 and to take a look at the road we’ve travelled so far… and that which lies ahead.

    The annual report 2018 is here!

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    The two findings that lie at the very basis of our project are still valid to this day: Belgium has one of the lowest employment rates for over-50s in Europe and the skills of this age group are seriously underrated. Equally there are still inequalities in access for immigrants to the employment market.

    This situation compels us to increasingly defend the values we believe in: commitment, tolerance, respect, generosity and above all, the certainty that a rich society is one that embraces diversity and is built on dialogue and contacts, a society that has opportunities and a place for all.

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    DUO STORY: Jean-Louis and Khalid


    After Khalid had fled Afghanistan, he obtained the status of political refugee in Belgium. He had hardly any possessions, but he was pursuing a dream: he hoped to finish his nursing studies, which he had started in Afghanistan, and for his fiance? to join him through family reunification.

    He started his studies to become a care and nursing assistant. Khalid was extremely close to graduating, but unfortunately, he did not pass all of his exams. He lost all hope. This is when he turns to DUO for a JOB and meets his mentor, Jean-Louis.

    A few months later, there was some great news. Khalid managed to get his driving licence and he was allowed to register for a forklift operator course. “The day I passed my practical driving test, Jean-Louis was even happier than I was “, Khalid says.

    Today, Khalid is hopeful once again. “I hadn’t met a single person like him in Belgium. He has given me so much of his time. He also reassures me. We’ve really built a relationship of trust. I will never forget what he’s done for me. And needless to say, I will continue to meet with him once I actually start working “. Jean-Louis concludes, visibly touched, that he has ” already received so much in return from his mentee “.

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