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  • 20 Km Brussels: Thank You!

    DUO for a JOB, 23 May 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS to all our runners! You did it, you took on the challenge to shine at this 40th edition of the 20km of Brussels!

    THANK YOU to our runners, everyone who supported and sponsored them, the team, the volunteers, your commitment is heartwarming!

    35 000 runners, dreary weather – though ideal for running – thousands of supporters…
    It was a true pleasure to be part of this amazing event with such a motivated and enthusiastic team.

    Charles clocked the best time for the DUO for a JOB team, running the trail in just 1:22:52! How about you?
    Have you checked your time and picture at the finish?

    Check out the pictures on our Facebook page!

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