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In 2019 once again, the participants in the DUO for a JOB project have been featured extensively in the news. In the public debate and the media, there has been a lot of talk about the issues of immigration, diversity and co-existence. This shows that people are becoming more aware of the investments needed to safeguard the inclusive character of Belgian society. However, during the latest elections, we unfortunately noticed an increased polarisation of positions and opinions on this issue. Some statements have been stoking the flames and trying to incite people to see differences as incompatibilities. 

At DUO for a JOB we aim to turn the tide by encouraging people to find common ground, to identify what brings us together. Based on this premise, we created 847 duos this year, once again showcasing the power of encounters between people. Driven by curiosity, eagerness to learn and generosity, over 1500 people (all different in more ways than one) decided to meet with kindness, openness and tolerance. The results are outstanding. 

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Beyond the figures and objectives, 2019 was a year of discoveries, lasting friendships, intense shared joys and solidarity. We therefore want to warmly thank those who have made this adventure possible and encourage us to dream up even greater and bigger things.

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